Saving on Heating & Cooling



You save cash on your cooling and heating costs by doing a few simple things;

Ensure windows seal, if they do not get your window seal plastic kits for winter
Use door draft guards
Seal off rooms which aren’t used
Have a programmable thermostat you could set to lower the temperature when no one is home.
Ceiling fans, stir mid-air, bringing warmer air down and cutting heating cost while stirring cooler air to help reduce cooling costs.
Have your furnace and cooling units serviced regularly and be sure filters are clean. Keep them in good working order will even cut costs in your case.
make sure your house is insulated.
These are simply some things to help you cut hvac costs.

During summer, keep the windows open during the night if the outside air is cooler and employ fans rather than air conditioning. Both in summer and winter keep thermostats looking for 68 to 70. During wintertime layer your clothes, add thermal blankets in your bed. These things might help reduce your costs also maintaining your home at the comfortable temperature. During summer, do any baking every day, utilizing the oven when its cooler it helps keep the price of cooling the house in summer afternoons down. Energy costs like everything else keep rising. The more efficient your property is the less it’ll cost you to heat and cool. During winter if you reside in a place that snows, shovel the snow around the foundation of your own home ( about 6 inches high) this will aid insulate your house in particular when its a property that has a crawl space instead of a basement. The snow shoveled up round the foundation will work as a wind break and make heat in the house.


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